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Foream is a new exciting technology business, it was founded in 2013 with one aim – to provide creative users with great, easy-to-use content storage and advanced video services. Such services, include live video streaming from Wi-Fi connected cameras (e.g. GoPro and Drift), video cloud storage and allowing you to share your stories with your friends and family.

Our knowedgeable team has been developing sports camera tech and online storage ecosystems for well over seven years.Our company philosophy is “1+1>2” – to offer the best video cloud service by personalising it for you,the user.Our team is committed to improving the experiences of video enthusiasts all over the world.Our fans are video lovers who relish the opportunity to share happy,thrilling and glorious moments with their family,friends and the wider world.

Foream began with sports cameras; now we are able to offer a much greater variety of technology, including video cloud services, all in a single mobile app.

Our Foream app empowers you to control your sports camera – with more options than ever before,you’re able to capture your video,upload to our online cloud storage,or broadcast to the world live and share it with all those you love.

In this new social world,Foream aims to continue innovating by providing user friendly services enabling fans to create and share content whenever they like. With features such as one-click video recording,advanced action camera connectivity,cloud storage and auto video sync, you will be able to shoot, create and share all your content – effortlessly becoming your own TV channel.

Dream Distribution and Marketing (002464772-A) is the sole authorised distributor of Foream’s products in Malaysia.

If you would like to resell or distribute our products, kindly contact us for further information.


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